Growing business together with our pre-sales and after-sales services

We do not only sell products but we provide our knowledge, expertise and experience into workshop design and infrastructure to accommodate vehicle maintenance operation flawlessly

We, TANG JOHN SON, works like one of your departments

Offer advices to setting up vehicle service facilities

With our vast knowledge and experience in setting up so many new vehicle workshops or service centers from motorcycle to commercial vehicles, we can be your partner in building a facility with efficient functions and environment-oriented design. Our services start from advisory on design, infrastructure preparation, Corporate Identity compliance, tools and equipment sourcing complied with the specifications, installation and finally on equipment usage training. This is to ease the workload and workflow of your business development.

Consulting with our Product Specialist

Our specialists cover the field of automotive workshop systems as follow;

  • Hand tools and Special Service Tools (SST)
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Fluid Oil Dispensing and Draining System
  • Exhaust Extraction System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Vehicle Air Conditioning Services
  • Tire Services
  • Dynamometers and Testing Equipment

Supervision from professional teams with installation and training services

Our products cover many areas of services ranging from Exhaust Extraction System to Special Service Tools (SST) design and production. Our experienced installation teams always do the installation by the book and under our technician team’s supervision. We always choose good-quality and user-friendly products for our customers. However, some high-technology products, such as chassis dynamometer and diagnostic tools, needs technical support and training. We are always there to do intensive training and available for contact. In addition, We are currently commissioned by automotive makers to produce SST, bike lifts, and many other products and distribute to their dealers. Evidently, we can work as if one of our customer’s department to seamlessly implement new service programs for new models or product recall. If you are looking for a true partner, we are always be available to assist you, like one of your department aid.

Stock ahead as you plan

To accommodate the growth of your business, we keep enough stock to deliver the products on time. With our mutual commitments and well planned, we can stock just in time to save your time and cashflow.

Responsible after-sales service

We always carry spare parts and necessary options for our products we sell. Regular maintenance is the most important to keep longer life and durable use. We also provide maintenance program for mechanical equipment. Many of our products also have warranty to protect you from parts malfunction or manufacturing fault.

TANG JOHN SON is here to assist.

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