Vehicle Diagnosis and Maintenance Equipment from Italy

TEXA is one of the world’s high-technology firms in diagnostic tools and A/C maintenance equipment for over 28 years. Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen Group approve TEXA Air Conditioning Recharging Machines as their official equipment.

Expertise in Automotive Air Conditioning and Air Purifier


28 Years of Experience

Quality and Certifiticate

Management System Certificate

Accredia Certification

Air-Conditioning System Maintenance

Air-Conditioning Recharging Station

TEXA recharging station is user-friendly, durable and easy to maintain across each model varied by shifting in technological features. The station can be manually controlled or fully automatic in vacuum process, level of compressor oil and refrigerant, flushing, etc. TEXA air-conditioning stations can accommodate R134a or R1234yf or both in one machine. TEXA A/C station has been approved and certified as a standard equipment for authorized dealers of Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, and Lamborghini.



Sanitise Vehicle and Workplace

The vehicle interior is potentially contaminated by germs, virus or smell. The worst scenario is that contamination or smells in the A/C system where chemicals or cleaning agent is hard to reach to do the cleaning jobs. Air2San from TEXA is the right solution. Air2San generates Ozone at the interior-safe level to kill bacteria and virus, and simultaneously remove smells. Air2SAN which is the only sanitiser on the market for automotive industry can transforms the ozone into oxygen at the end of air purifying process. It allows to remotely control device with mobile application (available both iOS and Android) in order to safely monitor the air cleaning process before returning into the vehicle. Besides, AIR2SAN provides HEPA filter which can purified dust in the air.



Mobile App to control AIR2SAN

AIR2SAN provides free application which can be downloaded from both iOS and Android. You can check the progress of the air cleaning process step by step. The app can also generate the results easily in PDF format.

Compatible with AXONE NEMO

AXONE Nemo is the tablet designed by TEXA to use with every equipment manufactured by TEXA especially for Diagnostic tools and interface as well as AIR2SAN. AXONE Nemo, in connection with AIR2SAN, demonstrates a real-time data of operation such passenger compartment humidity, ozone level, passenger compartment temperature from start to the end of sanitation.

ECU Diagnostic tools

ECU Diagnostic tools is the perfect mechanic companion to perform diagnosis on car, motorcycle, truck ,marine , OHW, and construction vehicles. TEXA is one of the most popular and trusted in the aftermarket service. Update programs can be subscribed at many levels. Our technician is available to support you in Thailand and around the world.



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